Cerba Fetico

Cerba Fetiĉo (Esperanto)

Cerba Fetiĉo estas komiksa gvidlibro pri mastrumado de problemoj en rilatoj, kreita por ajnaj seksoj. Ni garantias neverŝadon de sango! Jen libro por fetiĉuloj pri humuro: grafika romano, el kiu…
Coloring book for adults

Coloring book for adults

Politically incorrect and sarcastic, this little book jabs you where it hurts the most. If you actually choose to answer its questions and complete its exercises, this taboo-breaking satirical coloring…


"Loldom" - a small album which gathers my comic strips and funny drawings. You will learn the symptoms of sapiophilia and why a Chinese lady gave me the fucking knife.…

Some stuff I do

Comic books

An absorbing hobby

Comics are for grown-ups too, actually you might need to be properly grown up to put your hands on my books.

Clothes design

That's what I do now.

Developing clothing: the shape, the graphics, the end product. Right at the World's production center: China.

Packaging and product design

Pack it pretty

Need a pen? Some Speakers? Mugs? Boxes? It's often the box that sells your product.


You need an image? I get it done.

Anywhere from explanatory illustration, merchandise design and music album covers to fake posters for videoclip postproduction.


Feel free to drop me a line

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