Brain Fetish Book

“Brain Fetish” Graphic Novel

The network of mutual commitments, emotions, affinities and animosities - these things rule our functioning, influence our mood and set the quality of our lives. It is the relationships with…

Some stuff I do

Comic books

An absorbing hobby

Comics are for grown-ups too, actually you might need to be properly grown up to put your hands on my books.

Clothes design

That's what I do now.

Developing clothing: the shape, the graphics, the end product. Right at the World's production center: China.

Packaging and product design

Pack it pretty

Need a pen? Some Speakers? Mugs? Boxes? It's often the box that sells your product.


You need an image? I get it done.

Anywhere from explanatory illustration, merchandise design and music album covers to fake posters for videoclip postproduction.


Feel free to drop me a line

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