Grow Your Own

I've been entrusted the design of these lovely grow-your-own plant boxes by the guys from Ostre papryczki!

Emotional veggies

How many emotions can be contained in one broccoli?


Feminine love Illustration (private order)

Icon set

An icon set for a content management system.

Silesian series

Silesia district related posters and T-shirt designs ordered by RAŚ.

“I am where I want to be and I do what I love to do”

T-shirt design. One of the most optimistic orders of my life :)

Anxious minds productions

Spanish anxious minds ordered this logo from me.

Underwater park

An underwater park in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Buddha El Valle

Canary Islands’ Open-air night disco’s logo. It´s a pleasure to see how all these tanned people are having fun under my design’s ambience.

The Summer

Beware, Canary Islands, my design conquers the night party floors again! This time my design accompanies La Palma island’s capital drunks.

Canarian series

Positivity, irony, coffee and good food soaked into my Canary Islands' art.