Cuddle Party Ireland

The official graphics for the Cuddle Party Ireland organization!

Tractor round the world coloring book

A children's coloring book for a beautiful project called Traktoriada - there is a guy who travels around the world on a Tractor!


A series of illustrations used for gadgets such as magnets, T-shirts etc.

“Brain Fetish” Graphic novel

We often forget that women, besides having boobs, have also got brains. Moreover, there are women who – like the author herself – do not hesitate to use them.

Relaxed Zombie

Any Walking Dead fans? This is a T-shirt ordered for a massive zombie-themed escape room event.

Grow Your Own

I've been entrusted the design of these lovely grow-your-own plant boxes by the guys from Ostre papryczki!

Emotional veggies

How many emotions can be contained in one broccoli?


Feminine love Illustration (private order)

Icon set

An icon set for a content management system.

Silesian series

Silesia district related posters and T-shirt designs ordered by RAŚ.