The "Tou" lady, drawn in Clip studio Paint + Surface Pro 4

The garlic tooth

"The garlic tooth", acrylic, 2017

Senior Steroid Developer

"Senior Steroid Developer", acrylic, 2017.

Cuddle Party II

Due to big popularity of my previous Cuddle Image, I was asked to draw another one.

Newspaper Cover

"Głos Mordoru" is a newspaper released in Warsaw in the most corporate zone of the capital. Please note, the not-too-pretty texts were added on top of my design by their editorial office :)

Canarian coloring book

A coloring book with Canary Islands theme.

Cuddle Party Ireland

The official graphics for the Cuddle Party Ireland organization!

Tractor round the world coloring book

A children's coloring book for a beautiful project called Traktoriada - there is a guy who travels around the world on a Tractor!


A series of illustrations used for gadgets such as magnets, T-shirts etc.

Relaxed Zombie

Any Walking Dead fans? This is a T-shirt ordered for a massive zombie-themed escape room event.